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Bragard is France’s leading brand for culinary and hospitality apparel, as well as the newest member of the Chef Works family of brands. Since Bragard’s inception in 1933, the Bragard name has become synonymous with French excellence. Renowned chefs rely on Bragard for its premium, thoughtfully-designed workwear — which walk the line between European timelessness and forward-looking innovation.

In alignment with Chef Works, Bragard also holds a vision for a more sustainable future.. Bragard’s expert team of designers is committed to sourcing the most socially conscious materials, which include REPREVE polyester made from recycled water bottles, organic cotton, tencel, and linen. Sustainability is a commitment that permeates all levels of the company.

Chef Works and Bragard look forward to combining our two legacies. We see this as a unique opportunity for both companies — as the industry’s leading heritage brands — to weave the way forward. There’s so much for our customers to discover as we step into this new era